Confident, approachable, attractive - that’s you at

your best.

I’ll give you a headshot that proves it.

One tenth of a second— That’s the speed of a first impression; all the time it takes for someone to judge who they think you are.

Confident and capable - or tired and insecure?
Professional in the limelight – or deer in the headlights?

Wrong or right, fair or unfair – it’s all decided in a matter of milliseconds.

I’ll give you a say in that decision.

Your headshot shows up everywhere - from your profile to your résumé. It’s not just a photo – it’s the face you show to the world and the personal brand people will know you for.

As your headshot photographer, I’ve got a talent for bringing out your best to get a shot that opens doors, creates opportunities and impresses even your toughest audience.

Why You’ll Love Working With Me
(Even if You Hate Getting Your Picture Taken)

Let’s be honest: getting your photo taken can be pretty intimidating.

Maybe you’ve been forced to to sit on a posing stool only to sit in awkward silence as a total stranger keeps insisting that you “smile!”

That’s enough to make anyone cringe at the thought of being on camera.

Good news: That’s not how I work at all.

This headshot experience is unlike any other. Intrigued? Keep clicking.

Alaina_0118 (2).jpg

The experience